Bankruptcy for Indivuduals and Businesses

If you are struggling with bankruptcy, whether it is for personal or business, KTO Law provides assistance in all bankruptcy matters with expertise in chapters 7, 11 and 13. Before you file or your business files for bankruptcy protection, consult with our team at KTO Law to get the best legal advice on which type of filing will be most beneficial to your short and long-term goals for the future. We can assist with making that decision, assisting in the filing, and developing a plan as you move forward.

Chapter 7 occurs when a business or individual petitions a civil court to grant protection from creditors while specified assets are liquidated to pay debts.

Chapter 11 is sought by businesses that are facing financial hardship and need protection for a limited while restructuring the company to make it profitable again.

Chapter 13 is used for employed individuals who need protection while they develop a plan to repay all or part of their debt. Typically, the repayment plan would be spread out over three to five years.

At KTO Law, our attorneys will guide you through the complicated intricacies of ever-changing bankruptcy law in Arizona. We will protect your legal rights through each step of the process and support our clients whose strained finances have pushed them to considering bankruptcy. KTO Law endeavors to solve our bankruptcy case as cost-effectively as possible to ensure the best possible future for you or your business.

If, on the other hand, you are seeking reimbursement from a person or business that has filed for bankruptcy, KTO Law will protect your interests as a creditor and ensure you receive the settlement you deserve. We will help you evaluate what legal steps are necessary to petition the client or individual for the money you are rightfully owed.

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